OUTREACH Quad Lite is superceded by CAMSWITCH 4 Plus



Q  |  What did OUTREACH Quad Lite do?   A |

Expand your network

OUTREACH Quad Lite is an edge switch that can be fitted wherever extra network connections are required.  Because it is POE-powered, installation is rapid, and power delivery is reliable.

Distributing the network in this way can simplify cabling without adding the cost and uncertainty of distributing power to nodes separately.

Extend range

Each of OUTREACH Quad Lite's 10/100 Ethernet ports can connect to other network devices over 100 metres (328 feet) of Cat 5 or similar cable, so network range is doubled.  And by using Veracity's OUTREACH network extender, the cable run out to the OUTREACH Quad Lite can be extended even further.

Designed for installers

OUTREACH Quad Lite is compact, tough, wall-mountable and requires no user configuration.  POE input is established automatically and safely, and each network port is entirely self-configuring for speed, duplex, and crossover.