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Welcome to Veracity
About Us

Every business has an About Us page, and this is ours. We have tried to go beyond the norm, and explain not just who we are and what we do, but why we do it and, crucially, how we do it.

"We", are Veracity UK Limited together with our tightly integrated group of subsidiary companies. We are privately owned and independently run, with ~130 dedicated and professional employees working from 10 offices across 4 continents.

If you'd like to know even more, then read on . . .

Consider the planet

"veracity is integral to our culture and the way we operate every day"

Long lasting products elp to save the world's resources


the name counts

The Veracity name was chosen with great care. Integrity, truth, honesty and accuracy are fundamental values of the Company and its culture. Further, its meaning is highly relevant and important to the evidential data that Veracity products and systems enable, record and manage.

Reduce your impact on the planet
Veracity HQ Prestwick
Step up your security

About us

Find out how to be safer

Who we are

We are an integrated team of highly experienced, highly-motivated, security industry professionals who have built an extraordinary business servicing the security industry, primarily in video surveillance. 

What we do

We design, develop, produce and support a comprehensive range of long-lasting security system hardware and software products which reduce the Total Cost of Ownership for our customers.

Why we do it

We love video. It’s at the core of everything we do. We transmit it, we record it, we store it, we display it, we integrate it and we manage it. We make our customers and their organisations safer and more secure.

Clyde at night in Glasgow
Bridge over the Clyde

Our Business

Veracity UK Limited is the parent company of a group of international companies delivering video surveillance, security management equipment and software. Veracity is a privately owned independent business with a successful track record of growth over nearly twenty years, with ~130 employees in ten offices covering North America, Europe, Middle East, India and South East Asia.


Veracity’s mission is to connect, integrate and control a diverse set of security products, including the provision of complete and cybersecure video surveillance solutions and security management systems. These systems operate in very demanding high-end security and critical national infrastructure sectors and are delivered alongside our extensive range of market-leading IP transmission solutions.



All of our products have a common purpose – to provide system integrators and end users with the best and most cybersecure solutions for all non-camera components of video surveillance systems and integrated security management.  We have developed innovations in all of our key areas of Transmission, Storage, Display and Integration.


Our network connectivity solutions transmit digital video data further and with more POE power than any of our competition.

Video Display

Our video display wall controllers uniquely combine CCTV and digital signage features with the highest available IP video decode densities.

Video Storage

Our super-efficient video storage solutions provide the lowest power consumption per terabyte and the longest disk life available anywhere.

Cyber Secure Systems

Our cybersecure security management systems look after some of the most secure sites in the world and can integrate with almost any security product.

Group Structure

Veracity UK Ltd.

(Parent company and main business)

HQ in Prestwick and offices in Edinburgh, UK, & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Veracity Solutions Ltd., Glasgow, UK

Veracity Systems Ltd., Normanton, near Leeds, UK

Veracity ME DMCC., Dubai, UAE

Veracity USA Inc., Dallas, TX, USA

Veracity Systems Surveillance Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, India


Veracity was founded in 2005 by video surveillance industry veterans, with the aim of removing the market barriers to the adoption of high resolution IP cameras, through innovations in network connectivity, high capacity video storage and video display processing. This gave rise to our product ranges in Transmission, Storage and Display.

The Future

Veracity’s forward-thinking and innovative vision sets it apart from its competitors. Our strong focus on R&D, coupled with our ability to anticipate and adapt to emerging trends, ensures that it will always remain at the forefront of the industry. The company has a clear strategy that defines its long-term goals and the steps it will take to achieve them.

Along the way

Along the way we acquired long-standing partner companies to build our capabilities in integrated security systems, adding to our expertise in cybersecurity and developing the high-level integrated security management systems we have today.

Expanding our territories

Veracity’s strong brand identity instils trust from our international customers and will grow further as we continue our territorial expansion and product innovation.

Thank you Veracity for your hard work and dedication, making this project a great success

Syed Sofian Rabbani, Bhopal Smart City

VIEWSCAPE Core has revolutionised our operations, bringing disparate systems together into one Intuitive, time-saving, and most of all, operator-friendly system.

Margaret Hoey, Scotrail

I confidently endorse Veracity as a reliable and first-class supplier in our industry

Jeremy Dolbear,TDS (Time Data Security)

Feel safer on road networks if you break down

How we do it

We have built Veracity through a long track record of imaginative ideas, innovative  design and optimised integration of hardware and software. Most of all, we have the right people in the right place at the right time.

Where we are

Veracity operates out of ten offices worldwide, focusing on our key regions of North America, UK & Europe, Middle East, India and South East Asia. We have distribution partners globally and are constantly expanding our coverage.

Where we're going

Over the next few years we will be further developing our technology, especially in cyber-secure integrated systems, and expanding both our product ranges and our geographical presence.

Protect your vehicles - feel safer
IP Video Network Storage


The Veracity group of companies consists of the parent company, Veracity UK Ltd and five wholly-owned subsidiaries. Their details are as follows:

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