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secure entrances

Welcome to the Applications pages of the Veracity website.


Here you can find extensive information about the applications of relevant technologies in the security and related industries through a large database of Product Applications and Project References.


These can be browsed in different ways to help you find the best solutions and discover how Veracity customers around the world have deployed our products with great success. 


We also intend to provide specific Application Notes for each of our product ranges and these will be added as soon as possible.

secure walkways in urban areas

Project References

Veracity products have been installed in thousands of successful projects worldwide. Browse our online database of Project References to see some examples.

long life disks, no rebuild required video storage

Application Notes

Our product application notes and diagrams illustrate how our products can be used in various practical configurations and combinations.

IP CCTV cameras powered by POE

Product Applications

This section provides broad descriptions of security solutions and related product applications.

secure walkways

'Industry' is the market vertical, which is the most common method of classifying solutions.

'Technology' refers to product technology and can be useful when you know what type of technical solution you need.

'Application Types' are common to groups of customers across many industry verticals (also known as market segments), and this is often the best route to identifying the right solution for a particular requirement.  

Product Applications may be browsed by Application Type, Industry or Technology. 

Product Applications


Browse our sample project references by Application Type (also known as Market Segment).

By Application

Browsing by Industry allows you to see our example projects in that Industry (or Market Vertical). 

By Industry

Find out how specific Veracity products are applied across our extensive project reference database.

By Product

The Region button allows filtering reference project examples by broad geographical area.

By Region

Project References

Application Highlights

security monitoring in the transport network

Railway Network


cyber secure security systems

Critical National Infrastructure


COLDSTORE IP video storage long term

Smart Cities


COLDSTORE IP video storage very low TCO

Saving Energy


low power, reliable, high tech systems that save resources

Video Storage & Management


securing logistics centres



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