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Warranty Documents

Warranty Documents

Veracity provides three types of Warranty: a Standard Product Warranty; an optional Extended Warranty for systems project installations and a Lifetime Warranty for selected products for VIP (Veracity Incentive Program) customers.  

Standard Product Warranty


Extended Warranty

2 MB

Lifetime Warranty

2 MB

Pre-Sales Support

Veracity offers a very wide range of products for network connectivity, video surveillance, video walls and integration of security systems. Identifying the right product for a specific application is not always a simple task. This Pre-Sales Support section of our website is designed to help you find the right product and configuration with our FAQ section, links to Product Datasheets and Application Notes.

Our FAQ section below is often the best place to start. You can search by keywords using the Magnifier icon or by filtering the FAQs by category or product.  Once you have determined the type of product you might need, please note that most technical queries can be answered by the information contained in our Product Datasheets.

Our team are always ready to help via phone, email and via our online Enquiry Form.

For information on how or where to buy our products, please see our How To Buy pages. 

Get help from Veracity Technical Support
  • Click on a topic, or product, to list the available FAQs, or click on the Magnifier icon (above right) and type a keyword to search and filter the list of questions.
    Our FAQ database resource consists of over 300 useful questions and answers.
  • How do Veracity products benefit the customer ?
    Veracity's product range is wide and varied, but in general our products are long-lasting, reliable and do exactly what they are supposed to do, with low energy use and an overall much lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) than comparable products. Our Transmission products increase installation efficiency (e.g. retaining legacy cabling or extending network cable reach) and are effectively "fit-and-forget" devices, with extraordinary reliability. Our Storage systems extend the life of hard disks for video storage to up to ten years of working life whilst using five times less power than conventional IT-based RAID systems. Our Display Controller products are highly optimised and extremely efficient with the best price-performance ratio on the market. Finally, our Integrated Security Management Systems (often called PSIMs) enable the retention and integration of legacy systems, increasing functionality, maximising the return on earlier investments, and helping to save the environment.
  • What are the benefits of using POE?
    Using POE to power network devices leads to more straightforward installation, without the need for remotely located power supplies. Devices can be relocated without having to lay new power cable. POE is limited to safe levels of voltage and current and is a universal standard, whereas there is a wide variation in power standards worldwide. POE allows all devices to be powered from a central, controlled source, which may be an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). Power management can be more sophisticated, and remote devices can be simply powered down or reset if necessary.
  • Do you have any customer testimonials or case studies to showcase your success?
    We have very short customer testimonials and customer examples throughout our website at the bottom of most pages. For more detailed information on project references and success stories, please visit our Applications pages where you can access a large number of these.
  • What is the difference between NAS and SAN in terms of data storage ?
    NAS (Network Attached Storage) and SAN (Storage Area Network) are both technologies used for data storage, but they have distinct characteristics and serve different purposes. Key differences between NAS and SAN: | NAS operates at the file level, while SAN operates at the block level. | NAS is a single device connected to a network, while SAN is a dedicated network infrastructure connecting servers and storage devices. | NAS uses file-level protocols for sharing files, whereas SAN uses block-level protocols for direct access to storage volumes. | NAS is simpler to set up and manage, making it more suitable for smaller deployments, while SAN provides advanced features and scalability for large-scale enterprise environments. Ultimately, the choice between NAS and SAN depends on specific storage requirements, performance needs, and the intended use case. In some cases, organizations may even deploy a combination of both technologies to meet their diverse storage needs. Generally, video surveillance systems use NAS devices as they are better suited for high capacity dedicated video storage and far less expensive. COLDSTORE systems are network-attached storage arrays designed especially for video surveillance and optimised for low energy consumption and long disk lifetimes.
  • How long has Veracity been established ?
    Veracity UK Ltd was founded in October 2005. However, some years ago Veracity acquired two software companies which were founded earlier (in 1997 and 2000).
  • Which companies are in the Veracity group ?
    Veracity UK Ltd is the parent company and the the following companies are wholly-owned subsidiaries: Veracity Systems Ltd (in UK); Veracity Solutions Ltd (in UK); Veracity USA Inc. (in USA); Veracity Middle East DMCC (in UAE); Veracity Systems Surveillance Pvt Ltd (in India). Veracity UK Ltd also has a branch office in Kuala Lumpur, covering SE Asia.
  • Who owns Veracity ?
    Veracity is a privately-held company, majority owned by the founders, original investors and early employees.
  • Where does Veracity carry out its own R&D and product development ?
    Almost all of Veracity's R&D and product development is carried out in the UK, with small local development teams in the USA and India.
  • Where are Veracity products manufactured ?
    Our high-volume products, such as the IP Transmission products, are manufactured in the UK and in Taiwan. Our systems products are manufactured in the UK. All of our software is developed in the UK, with some satellite development in the USA and India. Standard items such as power supplies are manufactured in China or Taiwan. All products include information on COO (Country Of Origin).
  • Where is Veracity located ?
    Veracity's HQ is in the UK and it is a UK-based business. It has wholly-owned subsidiaries in the UK, USA, Middle East, India and a branch office in South-East Asia. Our HQ is in Prestwick, UK and we have UK offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh and near Leeds. Our US office is in Dallas, TX, whilst our Middle East office is in Dubai. We have three offices in India - New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Our newest office is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Are Veracity products NDAA compliant ?
    Yes. All Veracity-branded products are designed in-house (with the exception of standard power supplies), using carefully selected components and in-house software development, and are fully NDAA (National Defense Authorisation Act) compliant.
  • Does Veracity have partnerships with other companies ?
    Yes. Veracity has always been partner-friendly and we work closely with key technology partner companies which we think can bring benefits to our customers. For details on these technology partners, see COMPANY - Technology Partners on our website footer. As a manufacturer of integrated security management software, Veracity also cooperates with an extremely wide-range of third-party product manufacturers, in order to support the functionality of their products within our software platform. For a full list of currently-supported third-party manufacturer system devices and versions, see PRODUCTS - Integrated Systems under the main navigation menu.
  • How does Veracity handle customer data and ensure privacy protection ?
    Veracity complies to the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) laws in all territories in which we operate. We hold minimal business customer and supplier data and very little personal information, excepting that of our own employees. We gather basic information about visitors to our website and which pages are visited, in order to improve user experience. Veracity does not provide customer information to any third parties and NEVER sells customer data. We send out Veracity emails and Veracity product information at a modest rate to our customer database, and we operate a strict unsubscribe process to remove undesired communications. For further information on this topic, please see COMPANY - Legal & Compliance in our website footer.
  • Are Veracity products sourced from other companies (OEM) ?
    No. All Veracity-branded products are designed and developed in-house. The only exceptions are our industry-standard low-voltage power supplies. We also supply complementary products from key technology partners to provide our customers with complete solutions, and although we do not brand these partner products as our own, we do provide sales and technical support for them as required. See our Technogy Partners page for more information on third-party products.
  • Why are Veracity products considered to be high quality ?
    Veracity has a well-deserved reputation for innovative products which are robust, long-lasting and which do exactly what they are specified to do. High quality design principles, extensive testing, adherence to ISO9001, 14001, 27001, Cyber Essentials Plus, CAPSS, RoHS, WEEE, FCC, CE, UK CA, UL and many other standards and conventions ensure that Veracity products always meet the highest standards.

Veracity offers a very wide range of products for network connectivity, video surveillance, video walls and integration of security systems.  Identifying the right product for a specific application is not always a simple task. This Pre-Sales Support section of our website is designed to help you find the right product and configuration with our FAQ section, links to Product Datasheets and Application Notes.

This section is designed to assist with fault-finding and troubleshooting with most types of Veracity products.  Here you can find guidance on simple checks and tests which may help to solve your issue.  


Veracity products generally provide a lot of useful status information and so troubleshooting can often be quite straightforward. 

If your issue is not resolved after using the appropriate Troubleshooting Guide, please raise a support ticket.

Resolving an issue
Technical support solutions

Troubleshooting Guides

We have a downloadable Troubleshooting Guide for each product family or type. Please select the appropriate product type from the list below to view and/or download the required Guide.  

HIGHWIRE Troubleshooting Guide

2 MB

OUTREACH Troubleshooting Guide

2 MB

LONGSPAN Troubleshooting Guide

2 MB

CAMSWITCH Troubleshooting Guide

2 MB

LIGHTSPAN Troubleshooting Guide

2 MB


2 MB

TIMENET Troubleshooting Guide

2 MB

POWER SUPPLIES + INJECTORS Troubleshooting Guide

2 MB

COLDSTORE Troubleshooting Guide

2 MB

VIEWSPAN Troubleshooting Guide

2 MB

Support Contracts

Support Contracts

Designed For You

Customers who use Veracity systems products (Storage & Recording, Display Controllers and Integrated Security Management solutions) in projects, can arrange for annual support contracts through their SI for priority technical support, software upgrades and product maintenance, which may include on-site support as required.  


To find out more about our Support Contract offerings, please contact us via our Enquiry Form, or contact your nearest Veracity Office or Sales Representative. 

We Go Above

and Beyond

Veracity Product Support

Veracity provides a complete range of technical support information and services via web, email, phone, remote access and on-site.  We also offer support contracts for systems projects.  For more information on our product support system and services, please read on.

Veracity offers a range of pre-sales support assistance including product selectors and calculators.  If you have a question not covered by our website information, product datasheets and FAQ lists, or wish to enquire about system design help, please contact us via our enquiry form, or email

If you have a query about a Veracity product, look at our Frequently Asked Questions section first, as many questions are addressed here, with FAQs grouped by product type. If you are an existing customer and have a technical support issue, then please check our Troubleshooting Guide first.  If your issue is still not resolved then please proceed to our Technical Support section.

Veracity offers excellent standard product warranties against manufacturing defects or component failure for all of our products. Quotations for extended warranties are available on systems projects.  Some specific products are available with Lifetime warranties under our VIP scheme. 

Veracity Warranties

All Veracity products are designed for reliability and long useful life. They are manufactured under strict quality control procedures and are tested in production. Veracity is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and all manufacturing facilities are certified to the same standards. Further details are available on request.

Veracity provides a warranty-backed guarantee that all of our products are manufactured free from defects in materials, components and workmanship.

Veracity provides three types of warranty: Product, Extended and Lifetime.

Extended Warranty

Veracity provide Extended Warranties to System Integrators for End Users for complete system installations or larger projects.  Extended Warranties are normally for 3 or 5 years over and above the standard Product Warranty period, and would normally cover all Veracity products used within a project, with a few exceptions (e.g. power supplies).

Extended Warranties must be ordered when the products are originally purchased.  Note that Extended Warranties are typically for products within systems solutions and projects delivered through System Integrators.

Product Warranty

Veracity products are designed to be highly reliable and to have a very long useful life.  Our product return rates are extremely low. All products carry our manufacturer’s warranty covering manufacturing defects or component failure.  Details of our standard product warranties including warranty periods for each product type can be found here.


Veracity Product Warranty

Please visit the relevant sections for further information on each class of warranty.  

Lifetime Warranty

A limited (but increasing) range of our IP Transmission Products are available with a Lifetime Warranty* for our VIP (Veracity Incentive Program) customers.  For details of our VIP scheme, please go to the Veracity Customer Portal.  Please note that our VIP scheme and Lifetime Warranty options are not yet available in all territories.


For further information please contact your nearest Veracity office or complete our online Enquiry Form. 


* Terms and Conditions apply


We are here to help

Veracity has an extensive technical support team, in all of our key territories, to support our customers around the world. We provide support via email, phone and secure remote access. 

We can also provide on-site support when required, at pre-agreed rates.  


You can contact us to get help on choosing a product (see Pre-Sales Support below).  If you are an existing customer and have a technical issue, in the first instance please refer to our Troubleshooting Guide.  Alternatively you can get direct technical support for a specific product or installation (see following sections).

Technical Support

Veracity Technical Support
RMA Process

RMA Process

In the unlikely event that you have to return a Veracity product, we have a defined RMA process (Return Merchandise Authorisation) to ensure that your product is replaced efficiently.   If you purchased your Veracity product via one of our distribution channel partners, please contact them in the first instance as they will process your product return and replacement directly with you.  For products purchased via other channels please follow the instructions below.


First, ensure that you have raised a ticket on our support system and have spoken to a Support Engineer about your issue.  Product faults are rare and most issues can be resolved by correct installation and configuration. If you have been instructed by a Veracity Support Engineer to return the product, we will provide you with an RMA Request form and Authorisation Number. Please fill the form in completely to ensure the efficient processing of your case. The RMA product cannot be processed without the form and Authorisation Number attached.

Always someone here to help in tech support

Mike Sayers

"The VIEWSCAPE solution exceeds our expectations and expands to meet our needs"

Transport for West Midlands

Dr Pratit Santiprabhob

"The flexibility and scalability of the technology allow us to use IP Surveillance beyond security.”

Boonrawd Group 

Jeremy Dolbear

"Veracity's commitment to customer satisfaction has consistently exceeded my expectations"

TDS (Time Data Security) Ltd

Submit a Ticket

If you are an existing customer and have an issue with a product, or its installation, which is not resolved by our FAQ, nor by following one of our Troubleshooting Guides, then please use our Support Ticket system below. You will receive a Support Ticket Reference Number and a response as soon as possible (usually within 24-48hrs).

Raise a ticket

Ticketing System

We use a global ticketing system to manage your support requests. This ensures that your requests are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

This facility is only for customers who already have a product. Please use Pre-Sales Support above for product or information enquiries.

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