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Environment & ESG


Veracity champions ethical behaviour, pursues positive social impact and develops energy efficient and energy saving products to reduce our impact on the environment. 


We are committed to protecting the environment and preserving the earth’s natural resources through the development of extended lifecycle products, which consume significantly less energy than their competitors.



Veracity is certified to ISO14001:2015 (Certificate Number EN1281) and is a market leader in supplying environmentally friendly products, primarily to the network video surveillance markets; the extent to which we design this into our portfolio is measured as one of our Top Level Company KPIs. Our flagship products listed below are all, in their own way, reducing the amount of energy consumed by their equivalents in the marketplace.


Veracity UK operates a SHEQ (combined Quality; Health & Safety; and Environmental) management system and is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. We are committed to protecting the environment and preserving the earth’s natural resources through the development of extended lifecycle products, which consume significantly less energy than our competitors. Veracity’s environmental initiatives, such as “keep the coax” allow our customers to retain large, legacy-cabled networks in situations where a total replacement of infrastructure would otherwise be required. Also, Veracity’s patented COLDSTORE video surveillance storage solution allows organisations to retain video for extended periods whilst at the same time achieving significant power savings, through energy efficiency of the product / significantly reduced requirements for air-conditioning & uninterruptable power supply use/ extended life-cycles for hard drives (approximately four times longer than those used in comparative RAID systems).


Veracity UK’s Environmental Policy addresses our situation with respect to: interested parties, legislation, stakeholder compliance obligations, as well as our commitment to environmental risk reduction, continual improvement and prevention of pollution. This policy is available upon request, as are: Veracity’s definition of scope of Environmental Management System, our list of interested parties and copies of our ISO certificates. Veracity UK manages product sourcing and our supply chain to ensure that: SVHC (substances of very high concern); ROHS (restriction of hazardous substances); REACH (registration, evaluation, authorisation & restriction of hazardous substances); and minerals from conflict zones are all prevented from entering our product range.


As a member of a WEEE producer compliance scheme, Veracity fulfils its environmental obligations including responsibility for re-cycling end-of-life product and operating a “take back scheme” (details of which are available upon request). Veracity uses recycled packaging wherever possible, places environmental impact at the forefront of policy decisions and to improve environmental performance even further, we are currently exploring possibilities within the circular economy. Veracity meets all terms of the UK Government’s Authorised Economic Operator statute of 2012 and manages its business and supply chain in compliance with the Modern Slavery Act of 2015.


For more details of Veracity’s environmental commitment, or for further details on any of the elements above, please contact All enquiries will be treated in compliance with the GDPR regulation of 2018.

save the worlds river using responsible source elements


Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance

Our Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) polices are clearly communicated to our suppliers, customers and internal teams.  In 2021, Veracity produced its first full ESG and Sustainability Report, using 2019 as our baseline, given that 2020 was not a representative year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our 2021 ESG Report provides a complete overview of our policies and status and can be downloaded here.

Our 2022 ESG Report is in preparation and will be published in Q4 2023.

Make things last longer...

We design products to have extended lifetimes, use less energy, or with consequential advantages. Our HIGHWIRE products re-use existing coax cabling, saving tonnes of copper and plastic waste, whilst COLDSTORE triples the useful life of hard disks.

make the word safer for the next generation

Let’s talk about numbers:


Every single one of our employees is trained in equality, diversity,  inclusion, anti-bribery, code of conduct, cybersecurity and threat awareness.


We estimate savings of ~750 tonnes of copper since we first released our Ethernet over coax devices in 2005, by reusing existing cabling.

10 yrs

Our COLDSTORE video storage arrays extend disk lifetimes to 10 years - and not just in theory - customers have proven it !

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