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Third-Party VMS Solutions


| Genetec, Security Center
| Network Optix, Nx Witness
| Axis, Axis Camera Station
| Avigilon, ACC
| Milestone, Xprotect
| Instek Digital, Instek VMS

COLDSTORE arrays are compatible with 3rd-party VMS solutions

Now an open system, COLDSTORE supports any VMS which can record or archive to external NAS. Thus the whole alphabet of video management systems, from Avigilon to Videonetics, can benefit from COLDSTORE's low TCO, massive capacities, long disk lifetimes, high disk reliability and zero rebuild time.

You Choose, We Store

Third-Party VMS Solutions

The third-party VMS NVR component runs on separate servers, recording IP camera data to one or more COLDSTOREs. The third party VMS client system accesses the video data for playback either directly from the COLDSTORE or via the NVR server, depending on the VMS and the configuration.


Third-Party VMS Solutions Application Diagram

Third-Party VMS Solutions

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File Size



Click to download the Product Datasheet detailed info and technical specifications.


Quickstart Guide

Click to download the Quickstart Guide for system or device installation and setup.


Dimensional Drawing

Click to download the Dimensional Drawing to aid design, planning and installation


Customers | Products

A few sites to give a flavour of the sites we protect. See References and Applications for more detailed info. 

Bahrain Airport | COLDSTORE

Long Retention Video Storage

Jumeirah Oasis Village  | COLDSTORE

Low Power Video Storage

Crossroads, Maldives | COLDSTORE

Low Power Video Storage

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