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Instek Command Centre Lite


| Single-screen Instek client software solution
| Configuration, live view, control, playback and export
| Software licence for any Windows PC
| Quad timeline view with independent or sync playback
| Multi-level user privileges with granular access control
| Advanced evidential export facilities

Single screen Windows client software for Instek NVR system

This low-cost software client is a perfect solution for small Instek systems, or review suites and supervisor stations for larger systems. With most features of the larger three-screen Command Centre workstation, flexibly condensed into a one-screen solution, Command Centre Lite is simple, yet powerful.

Instek Playback

Instek Command Centre Lite

The diagram shows an Instek Command Centre Lite software running on a Windows PC client, connected to Instek NVRs which are recording to COLDSTORE storage arrays. The system is totally scalable and the diagram also shows the system connected to two triple-screen Instek Command Centre workstations.


Instek Command Centre Lite Application Diagram

Instek Command Centre Lite

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Click to download the Product Datasheet detailed info and technical specifications.


Quickstart Guide

Click to download the Quickstart Guide for system or device installation and setup.


Dimensional Drawing

Click to download the Dimensional Drawing to aid design, planning and installation


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