802.3at POE switches for IP video networks

CAMSWITCH 4 PLUS and CAMSWITCH 8 PLUS 802.3at POE Network Switch

Compact and versatile 802.3at POE switches


CAMSWITCH Plus network switches are 803.af/at Power over Ethernet (POE) 10/100 switches designed especially to meet the challenges of IP video installation. An optional POE input enables remote positioning and range extension, or a local power supply can be specified for maximum power budget.

CAMSWITCH 4 Plus features 4 802.3at POE ports, and a 5th port for downlink.

CAMSWITCH 8 Plus features 8 802.3at POE ports, as well as 2 further network ports, and is compatible with Veracity's rack-mounting system.

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802.3at POE Power


CAMSWITCH Plus can deliver up to the full 25.5 watts required by IEEE 802.3at POE Plus devices such as outdoor or PTZ cameras.  A selection of power supply options are available to suit the total power requirements and placement considerations of the installation.

40 watt and 78 watt camera/device power budgets are available from standard power supplies, or the full 200 watts for 8 POE Plus ports can be delivered using Veracity's forthcoming rackmount power solutions.

CAMSWITCH Plus can be powered by POE, doubling the distance to connected devices or enabling network connections to be easily added to existing installations.  Up to 25 watts budget at 200 metres is available using Veracity's OUTSOURCE Plus injector.

When a 57V power supply is used, CAMSWITCH Plus can deliver enhanced POE to Veracity OUTREACH Max, HIGHWIRE PowerStar and LONGSPAN products for maximum range.

Designed for installers


Camswitch Plus's network ports configure automatically for speed, duplex and crossover, and deliver 802.3af/at POE to compliant devices with no user setup required.

Snap-on clips are provided for secure wall mounting, and up to 4 units can be mounted in an optional 1U rack bracket.


When used with an optional power supply, CAMSWITCH 4 Plus delivers a network connection with optional 802.3af/at power to up to 4 cameras.

5/10 port unmanaged 10/100 switch
Auto-configuring for speed (10BASE-T or 100BASE-T) and duplex
Use with Cat 5, Cat 5e or Cat 6 patch or crossover cables
VCS-8P2 supports VLAN trunking

Device power 3W
POE outputs: IEEE802.3af / IEEE802.3at compliant
POE input: IEEE802.3af compliant / custom high power

Total camera power budget:
40 watts - VPSU-57V-800 power supply
78 watts - VPSU-57V-1500 power supply
25 watts - VOR-OSP POE injector
10 watts - 802.3af POE switch


W: 110m / 131mm with side clips
D: 64mm / 76-80mm including connectors
H: 22mm (VCS-4P1) / 40mm (VCS-8P2)
Weight 135g (VCS-4P1) / 225g (VCS-8P2)

IP Video
CAMSWITCH Plus delivers a compact, reliable and scalable solution to IP video networking which can grow with the installation.

Power over Ethernet means that wifi access points and routers can be located optimally and moved easily.  CAMSWITCH Plus extends this benefit to more devices and greater distances,

IP Telephony
CAMSWITCH Plus provides a simple way to add IP telephones or additional network ports to existing network outlets, without requiring a mains power connection.

OEM / custom
The versatile CAMSWITCH Plus platform can be customised to your needs.  Enquire with Veracity for more details.



VCS-4P1 CAMSWITCH 4 Plus 4+1 port 802.3at POE network switch
VCS-8P2 CAMSWITCH 8 Plus 8+2 port 802.3at POE network switch
VPSU-57V-800-UK Optional UK power supply for CAMSWITCH Plus, 40 watt budget
VPSU-57V-800-US Optional US power supply for CAMSWITCH Plus, 40 watt budget
VPSU-57V-800-EU Optional EU power supply for CAMSWITCH Plus, 40 watt budget
VPSU-57V-1500-UK Optional UK power supply for CAMSWITCH Plus, 78 watt budget
VPSU-57V-1500-US Optional US power supply for CAMSWITCH Plus, 78 watt budget
VPSU-57V-1500-EU Optional EU power supply for CAMSWITCH Plus, 78 watt budget
VOR-OSP OUTSOURCE Plus, enhanced POE injector, 25 watt budget
Notes : 1U rack plate and power systems coming soon