Ethernet and POE Devices


Network extension with distributed POE, only from Veracity.  Using Power over Ethernet (POE) technology, IP video and network installers can overcome the 100 metre (328 feet) limit of Cat5e and Cat6 Ethernet connections.

Veracity's OUTREACH family of network extenders simply connect in-line with the installed cable to instantly extend network range to double - or even several times - this limit.

There are 8 variants of OUTREACH extender, OUTREACH Max, OUTREACH Lite, OUTREACH Max XT, OUTREACH Lite XT, OUTREACH Max G, OUTREACH Lite G, OUTREACH Max GXT, OUTREACH Lite GXT. See datasheets in Resources section and under the Product Documentation tab to help choose the right device for your requirements.


CAMSWITCH PLUS takes this concept further by providing extra switch ports, enabling extension to four or eight devices or more.

IP cameras, wireless access points and any other network devices can now be located just where they are needed, with no need to install new electrical cable.

LONGSPAN - Long Range Ethernet and POE

LONGSPAN Long Range Ethernet and POE

Extend full-bandwidth Ethernet over 820 metres of regular network cable with no repeaters. Deliver the full 25 watts of POE Plus at 600 metres. Upgrade single twisted pair cable to IP.
LONGSPAN Lite and LONGSPAN Max Base, Camera and Quad high power models and 8 channel LONGSPAN Base 8 available.
... read more

OUTREACH Max - POE Powered Ethernet Extender VOR-ORM

OUTREACH MAX Ethernet Extender for POE and POE Plus

POE Powered Ethernet Extender. Max power and distance extension with OUTREACH Max. Extend Cat5e connections to IP cameras and other POE devices with no electrical cabling. Compatible with POE, POE Plus and other standards up to 90 watts.... read more

OUTREACH Lite - In-line Ethernet extender

OUTREACH LITE Ethernet Extender for Non-POE Connections

Can't reach it? OUTREACH can. Deliver an unrestricted 10/100 Ethernet connection to 200 metres (656 feet) and beyond with Veracity's OUTREACH Lite network extender. VOR-ORL... read more

OUTREACH Max XT - Outdoor Ethernet and POE Extender

OUTREACH Max XT Outdoor Ethernet Extender

OUTREACH Max XT lets you locate your external IP camera or wireless transmitter right where you want it, without being restricted by the 100m (328 feet) limit for Ethernet cables... read more

OUTSOURCE - Enhanced POE Injector

PoE Injector Veracity OUTSOURCE image

OUTSOURCE is a fully IEEE 802.3af compliant single-port midspan. It injects power onto a network cable for remote powering of IP cameras or other POE devices.

OUTSOURCE also delivers enhanced POE for extending range and power with OUTREACH Max.... read more

OUTSOURCE PLUS - Enhanced POE Plus Injector

PoE Plus Injector Veracity OUTSOURCE PLUS image

OUTSOURCE PLUS is a POE Plus midspan injector, compliant with the new IEEE 802.3at standard.

It can be used with high-power network equipment such as PTZ cameras and 802.11n access points, and delivers enhanced power for range extension with OUTREACH Max.... read more

OUTBREAK - POE Splitter for 12V / 5V devices

PoE splitter, 12 / 5 volt from 48V Power over Ethernet - OUTBREAK

Upgrade legacy devices to POE using OUTBREAK.

OUTBREAK is a IEEE 802.3af compliant powered device which converts the POE power into a 12V or 5V supply for network devices.... read more