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Leading Woman in Command

Vivek Kumar

19 September 2023

A team of 150 women were deployed to monitor CCTV at the recent G20 summit, led by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Pratiksha Godara, all trained by Veracity engineers.

DCP Pratiksha Godara, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Cell), and her team of female officers took charge of the CCTV command centre during the recent G20 Summit held in the renowned International Exhibition and Convention Centre at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

Pictured above: DCP Pratiksha Godara pictured alongside staff from Veracity and Siemens during recent training sessions at Pragati Maidan.

DCP Godara leads a dedicated team of 150 women trained to monitor the CCTV at the new ITPO (Indian Trade Promotion Organisation) site. The Times of India reported on this in some detail:


Leading Woman in Command

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