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| All water utility organisations cover multiple sites and facilities, often in remote places.

| Efficient protection of these sites requires an integrated security system approach

| VIEWSCAPE and LINKLOCK together provide a cybersecure integrated security management system ideal for utlity organisations




Water Utilities

"Water utilities face security challenges in protecting remote sites and facilities. Ensuring protection, monitoring and surveillance is crucial to prevent attacks, vandalism, and unauthorized access. Implementing robust access control measures and addressing cybersecurity risks are essential to safeguard critical infrastructure. A comprehensive security strategy should include physical security measures, advanced monitoring technologies, access control mechanisms, cybersecurity protocols, and emergency response plans. By integrating these measures, water utilities can enhance the security, reliability, and resilience of their remote sites, ensuring continuous delivery of clean and safe water to communities. Veracity's VIEWSCAPE PSIM and LINKLOCK suite of cybersecure site recording and integration systems are ideal for these applications, along with VIEWSPAN for control room video walls, and TIMENET to synchronise all system devices."
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