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| Integration of disparate video management systems can be a challenge without a unifying software platform

| Choosing systems which adhere to industry standards (ONVIF) can help

| VIEWSCAPE system integration software is a solution for integration of all types of VMS




VMS Aggregation

"The integration of different video management systems (VMS) can present several challenges: 1) Incompatible protocols 2) Varying feature sets 3) Data consolidation and search 4) Management of system upgrades and maintenance 5) Vendor support and compatibility The following can address these challenges: 1) Standardisation: Users may wish to prioritize VMS platforms that adhere to industry standards such as ONVIF. 2) Unifying management platforms: Platforms such as VIEWSCAPE support integration with multiple VMS solutions. 4) Testing and validation: Comprehensive testing during system upgrades or expansion can minimize disruptions and ensure smooth operations. 5) Vendor collaboration: Veracity fosters collaboration with VMS vendors to develop and standardised integration methods and to address compatibility challenges. Although designed for multiple types of security system, VIEWSCAPE is ideal for aggregation of VMS systems only, providing a unified interface for one or more operators."
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