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| Video display walls are used in multiple control room and AV applications, all of which require video display controllers

| Security video walls display high density IP video matrices, whereas AV applications focus on AV switching and display

| The VIEWSPAN range of optimised video display controllers are ideal for most types of video wall applications




Video Walls

"In the security world, video display walls are used in CCTV control rooms, security operations centres, industrial process control management, traffic control centres, emergency services management and disaster recovery centres. In the AV (audio-visual) world video walls are used in Board rooms, at sports events, in retail, transportation, advertising and concerts etc. Whilst security applications deal primarily with the display of IP video streams (i.e. from IP cameras) and AV applications the display of AV sources (i.e. computer systems, DVD, Blu-Ray, presentation systems and digital signage libraries) the technical principles of display controller systems are very similar. In fact the AV world is converging with the IP world through AV-over-IP technologies. Veracity's VIEWSPAN product range provides for all types of video display control applications, focusing on control rooms but also delivering AV and digital signage solutions."
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