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| RAID is often used for video storage but is in fact highly unsuited to this application

| COLDSTORE sequential storage arrays are specifically designed to solve RAID problems for video

| COLDSTORE arrays use five times less power than equivalent RAID and disks last three times longer




Video Storage

"While RAID offers high-capacity video storage, there are problems associated with RAID-based approaches. 1) Disk Stress: RAID systems maximise disk stress, with 100% duty cycle, high temperatures, high vibration and high wear. 2) Rebuilding Time and Performance Impact: Rebuilding large-capacity drives can take many hours or even days, operating with a much lower throughput speed. 3) Limited Fault Tolerance: RAID systems provide fault tolerance but multiple drive failures cause total data loss. 4) Adding Capacity: Adding drives may require rebuilding the array. Drives must typically be an exact match. 5) Cost and Complexity: Managing RAID configurations adds complexity and overhead. Veracity's COLDSTORE video storage array was specifically designed to solve these problems. As video is generated sequentially, COLDSTORE writes sequentially, across the disk and across the array. Disks are written in mirrored overlapping pairs, providing writing redundancy to secure against drive errors, but cleverly avoiding the need for two sets of drives. All but two drives are switched off during normal recording, massively reducing wear, power consumption and vibration. Consequently, COLDSTORE uses five times less power and standard disks last up to three times longer. Disks can be different sizes and added at any time. There is no penalty for using the highest capacity drives. "
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