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| Accurate time is essential for all security and data-gathering systems

| GPS-based time-synchronisation system require no internet connection

| One universal time reference can synchronise all systems on a site using NTP




Time Synchronisation

"Network time synchronisation plays a crucial role in ensuring the effectiveness of physical security applications. With IP cameras, access control, alarm systems and IT-equipment, accurate timekeeping is essential. Synchronized time enables seamless integration between different security systems. When an event occurs, synchronized time ensures that all relevant devices log and record the event accurately, enabling a comprehensive and synchronized response. Furthermore, synchronized time provides the ability to accurately correlate events across different systems and locations, aiding in forensic investigations. Most security systems rely on timestamps to establish the sequence of events, determine the duration of activities, and enforce access controls. Without an accurate time reference, such as that provided by Veracity's TIMENET Pro, these functions can be compromised, leading to confusion, data inconsistencies and compromising evidential data and audit trails."
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