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| Smart Cities require sophisticated integration of multiple disparate data-gathering and control systems

| Fully integrated security and IOT systems enhance public safety and optimise resource allocation

| Successful integrations require a high-performance PSIM and the technical expertise to implement it


NX Witness


Smart City

"Smart Cities involve integrated security management systems focusing on creating safer and more efficient urban environments. It involves the integration of security systems, such as surveillance cameras, access control and emergency response mechanisms, with IoT devices to enhance available information about the status of weather, traffic, water levels, buildings, streets, alarms and pollution levels. IoT devices include sensors, actuators, and connected devices that enable real-time data collection. By bringing these technologies together, smart cities aim to improve public safety, reduce crime rates, enhance emergency response capabilities, and optimise resource allocation. Veracity is extremely successful in the Smart City vertical with our VIEWSCAPE integrated security management, COLDSTORE recording and storage, and VIEWSPAN video display controllers for the cityscape video walls."
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