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| Situational awareness is a critical aspect of modern control room operations

| It requires true integration and analysis of multiple information sources

| Good performance relies on communication systems and operator training




Situational Awareness

"Situational awareness is a critical aspect of control room operations, enabling operators to effectively monitor their environment, manage events and report on incidents. Some key points include: Monitoring and Integration: Control rooms aggregate data from various sources, including cameras, sensors, alarms, and intercoms. Event Detection: Helps control room operators identify incidents that may require intervention. Decision Support: Efficient workflow systems assist operators in following the correct procedures Communication: Appropriate responses rely on efficient communication among operators, supervisors, and field personnel. Training: Good training of operators is important so they can interpret and respond correctly to the information presented. Veracity's modular VIEWSCAPE and VIEWSCAPE Pro integrated security management software platforms provide this essential situational awareness for a huge number of Critical National Infrastructure and Public Space sites."
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