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Welcome to Veracity

| Capturing and streaming the displays of PCs and workstations is a powerful and useful technology

| Applications include teaching, training, audit trails, operator monitoring and mirroring to video walls

| VIEWCAST is a secure desktop RTSP streaming utility designed for all of these applications




Screen Recording

"In many applications, it can be very useful to be able to capture, stream and record the display of a desktop PC or workstation, or even just an application window within it. The resulting video streams can be recorded, viewed on another monitor,viewed on multiple monitors or displayed on a video wall. Applications include teaching and training, operator monitoring, audit trail recording, incident management and emergency response command and control. Generated video streams should be compressed for bandwidth management and encrypted and authenticated for security, and in a format which is compatible with industry standards (such as H.264 over RTSP). This enables recording by almost all video management systems and compatibility with video display controllers. Wherever possible, encoding of desktop displays and applications should use hardware acceleration methods (e.g. GPU) to ensure maximum efficiency and minmise the load on the client computer's resources. Modern desktop PCs can easily manage the workload, even with high resolution screen and high frame rate encoding. Veracity's VIEWCAST desktop RTSP streaming utility is an ideal example of this technology, which is often used in CCTV control rooms to record operator workstation screens for audit and training purposes, and more importantly, to enable mirroring of a screen on a video wall or auxiliary display during a live incident, allowing multiple staff to view and respond appropriately."
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