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| Trackside communications require long-distance signal adaptors with rail certifications

| Public spaces in the rail vertical require extensive video surveillance and recording systems

| Time-synchronisation for audit trail and evidential purposes is essential for such systems


NX Witness



"The Rail vertical includes rail and metro neworks and infrastructure, stations, siding, help points and trackside data transmission, plus on-board train security camera recording and transmission to stationary archiving. Veracity IP Transmission products, such as LONGSPAN and HIGHWIRE Longstar are extensively used in the rail industry for trackside data communications due to their extreme signal reach over CAT6 and coax respectively. Like any major vertical with public spaces , there are applications for video surveillance recording systems based on our low-TCO COLDSTORE products and technology, with embedded Nx Witness VMS for example. In all cases, it is essential to time-synchronise NVRs and client workstations for evidential purposes, and TIMENET Pro Master NTP Time Server is an ideal and very cost-effective solution for this."
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