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| Unmanned remote sites are a particular vulnerability for utility companies

| Cybersecurity of physical security systems such as video and access control is critically important

| Veracity has particular expertise in this vertical with a specially-developed cybersecure product suite




Power Utilities

"Power utility companies face security challenges in protecting remote manned and unmanned sites. Vulnerability to physical attacks and difficulties in access control are key concerns. Additionally, control systems and networks have a high risk of cyberattack. Overcoming these challenges requires a comprehensive security approach, involving the implemention of advanced surveillance technologies, robust access controls, and cybersecurity measures. Establishing emergency communication protocols and providing cybersecure remote monitoring capabilities are essential. By combining physical security measures, technological solutions, and effective emergency response protocols, power utility companies can enhance security, mitigate risks, and ensure the safety and uninterrupted operation of their remote sites and facilities. Veracity's VIEWSCAPE and LINKLOCK suite of cybersecure site recording and integration systems are ideal for these applications."
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