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| ONVIF is an industry standard for video streaming, recording, playback and access control

| ONVIF compliant systems allow interoperability between multiple manufacturer's systems

| Veracity's COLDSTORE NVR system is ONVIF S. T and G compliant




ONVIF Integration

“ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) is a global industry standard that facilitates interoperability between different security systems, particularly video surveillance systems. ONVIF enable different manufacturers' devices to communicate and work together seamlessly. This allows users to mix and match products from different vendors, creating a more flexible and scalable security infrastructure, and not become locked-in to one proprietary system or manufacturer. Device Discovery: ONVIF facilitates the automatic discovery and identification of devices on a network. It allows VMS and other management systems to detect and connect to compatible devices without manual configuration. Video Streaming: ONVIF specifies protocols for video streaming, including live video, playback, PTZ control and event-triggered recording. Profiles: ONVIF Profiles such as S, T, G, M and C provide a standardized set of features and functionalities for specific use cases such as video streaming, recording and storage, meta-data and access control. COLDSTORE NVR supports ONVIF S, T and G profiles and can be used with any ONVIF G compliant client, such as VIEWSCAPE Core. See for detailed information.”
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