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| NTP is used for synchronising the internal clocks of networked device including computers

| Accurate time synchronisation is essential for all security systems, especially integrated systems

| TIMENET Pro is an ideal low-cost NTP time source designed for exactly this purpose




Network Time Protocol

“Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a widely used networking protocol for clock synchronisation of almost all types of networked device, including computer systems, servers, NVRs, IP cameras and other sensors and IoT devices over packet-switched, variable-latency data networks. It operates based on the client-server architecture, with a hierarchy of servers providing time information. NTP ensures precise timekeeping by synchronizing the clocks of devices within a network to a reference time source. This reference source, often known as a stratum 0 server, is typically an atomic clock or a satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS) clock. The synchronization process involves exchanges of timestamps between NTP servers and clients, enabling the clients to adjust their clocks to align with the accurate time. The protocol employs an intricate algorithm to compute the offset and adjust for network delays, maintaining a high level of accuracy in timekeeping. Accurate time synchronisation is crucial for various applications, and especially so for security systems where event correlation, video evidence integrity and access control audit trails all rely on accurate, precise and absolute time references. Ensuring all systems and devices are referenced to an accurate NTP source (such as TIMENET Pro) is particularly important for the correct operation of Integrated Security Management Systems such as VIEWSCAPE.”
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