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Welcome to Veracity

| Adaptors available to overcome 100m network limits with ease

| Full 100BaseTX network speed to 200m or even to 820m

| Zero configuration, high reliability, fit-and-forget devices




Network & POE Extension

"Normal network devices such as PCs, printers and other IT equipment can be connected well within the 100m (officially 90m) Ethernet cable limit. However, IP cameras in particular very often require network connections at much greater distances - for example along a perimeter fence, in a shopping mall, warehouse or campus. Even within a building, the network connections for camera positions will never be in a straight line from point-to-point, and the cable distances mount up. Veracity's OUTREACH POE-powered network extenders were designed to solve the typical problem of connecting devices (usually IP cameras) that are over 100m from the network switch. OUTREACH is placed in series with the cable at any point up to 100m and provide another 100m reach beyond that. Multiple OUTREACH devices may be used, but for distances even longer than 200m Veracity developed LONGSPAN long-distance point-to-point network adaptors for network and POE connections up to an amazing 820m on Cat6 cable."
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