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Welcome to Veracity

| Provides efficient management of multiple security systems across multiple locations

| Eliminates need for costly separate management and personnel at each site

| Consolidation and federation of systems enhances security and increases efficiency




Multi-Site Federation

"Multi-site federation in physical security systems refers to the centralised management of security operations across multiple locations or sites. It involves connecting and coordinating the security systems of individual sites into a unified platform, enabling administrators to monitor, control, and respond to security events from a central command center. This approach offers several benefits, including improved situational awareness, streamlined operations, and enhanced efficiency. This has advantages for: Centralized Management Real-time Monitoring and Alerting Integrated Reporting and Analysis Scalability and Flexibility Collaboration and Resource Sharing Disaster Recovery and Redundancy VIEWSCAPE system provide these capabilities, and where cybersecurity is of paramount importance, Veracity's LINKLOCK technology can be included."
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