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| Mobile CCTV equipment must be robust with a wide operating temperature range

| Most often used in police, emergency service, or disaster recovery vehicles

| Video transmission over mobile phone networks requires highly cybersecure communications




Mobile CCTV

"Mobile CCTV systems involve the use of IP cameras and recorders in a mobile or portable setup. These systems are most often deployed in vehicles, often Police vehicles, to record video footage in various locations and at specific events. They are also used for construction sites, in disaster response situations, border control and military applications. Surveillance equipment for mobile CCTV system must be highly robust with regards to storage and operating temperature ranges, vibration, power filtering and operation from 12V to 24V DC sources. Any mobile CCTV system set-up should also include reliable network time-synchronisation and GPS location capability. As most mobile CCTV systems transmit video and other data over mobile phone networks, cybersecure communications are essential. Therefore Veracity's LINKLOCK Agent compact, fanless and cybersecure recording systems, with CAMSWITCH Mobile POE network switches and TIMENET Pro NTP times servers are all ideal for such applications. "
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