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| Long video retention periods apply in certain applications and jurisdictions

| RAID systems are unsuitable due to overall TCO, power consumption & short disk lifetimes

| Specifically-designed storage for IP video is the ideal solution for long retention times




Long Retention Video Storage

"Long-term retention of video recordings can be defined as above the "normal" 31 days which is common in most applications and jurisdictions. However, specific applications and jurisdictions mandate longer video storage rentention times than normal. For example, some Middle East countries require 90 days, 120 days, or even 180 days in some cases, for public space CCTV and critical national infrastructure. Certain market verticals (e.g. prisons, detention centres, stadia, military, government, banking, manufacturing, H&S, etc.) also require specific video retention times, sometimes measured in years, often driven by legislation. Conventional RAID hard disk arrays are costly to run and unsuitable for extended retention times, as they are power-hungry, run all disks 24/7 and have short disk lifespans. Veracity's COLDSTORE sequential storage was specifically designed for low TCO, low power and long hard disk lifetimes, making it ideal for both high capacity and long retention applications."
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