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| Traveling coax cables are used in lifts and elevators for power and network connectivity

| Ethernet over coax solutions are ideal for reliable IP device connectivity

| Devices must be robust, reliable, long-lasting and meet regulatory compliances




Lifts and Elevators

"Connecting IP video cameras, intercoms, and access control in lifts and elevators in tall buildings can present several challenges due to the unique environment of these spaces. Reliable network connectivity can be challenging due to the constant movement of elevators between floors. Common structured network cable with its multiple twisted pair cores is not suitable for the constant movement and bending experienced lift cables. However, most lifts are fitted with elevator cable which is a specialised type of “traveling coax” cable designed for use in vertical transportation systems. Consequently, Ethernet over coax devices are ideal for such applications, including the provision of POE to power the connected IP devices. However, the devices used experience vibration, humidity, temperature variations and are often installed in difficult to reach places, so they must be of the highest quality and reliability. Further, elevators are subject to strict safety and compliance regulations."
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