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| Correct IP camera setup requires viewing camera output during installation

| IP tools are available to enable local viewing on a smartphone or tablet

| Tools can provide battery power the camera when site POE is not yet available




IP Camera Installation

"When installing IP cameras, SIs encounter common problems. These include: connectivity; power; mounting, focus and correct viewing angle; configuration; and VMS integration. Veracity provides a host of solutions for all of these, described elsewhere, but here we consider IP camera installation tools for solving viewing angle and configuration issues. Veracity's PINPOINT and POINTSOURCE installation tools allow the SI to view the camera output directly on a laptop, tablet or smart phone, in order to ensure the camera is correctly configured, positioned and focused, with the correct viewing angle and direction. POINTSOURCE includes a battery providing temporary POE to the camera. IP cameras often have to be installed and configured before power is available on site, especially with new sites or control room moves. It is critical to get the installation right, as repeat visits to each camera are expensive, especially if scissor-lifts or cherry-pickers are required."
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