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| Integration of multiple third-party security systems can be challenging

| Use of open protocols and industry standards such as ONVIF are increasing

| A dedicated and cybersecure security system integration software platfrom is essential for success




Integrated Security Management

"The integration and management of disparate third-party physical security systems poses several challenges. Some of these challenges include: 1. System Compatibility: Third-party security systems often use different technologies, protocols, and standards, making it challenging to integrate them seamlessly. 2. Centralised Management: Managing multiple security systems from different vendors requires a centralised management platform. This reduces operational complexity and increases efficiency. 3. Scalability: Scalability and flexibility for future expansions becomes crucial for long-term effectiveness. To solve these challenges, several strategies can be employed: 1. Open Protocols: Industry standards such as ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) are a good example. 2. Integration Platfroms: Deploying PSIM platforms can provide a unified management interface, enabling data consolidation, event correlation, and centralised command & control. 3. Scalable and Modular Solutions: Opting for scalable and modular approaches allows for easier integration of additional systems as needs evolve. The VIEWSCAPE software platforms from Veracity have been designed and developed over many years to solve these problems and deliver a truly integrated and flexible Command & Control system."
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