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| Incident management systems help maintain a safe, efficient and compliant organisation.

| Incident logging, notification, escalation and reporting are key features of a system

| Video surveillance is often the basis for the monitoring of incidents in real-time




Incident Management

"Incident management and reporting systems play a crucial role in maintaining a safe, compliant, and efficient organisational environment. They help teams learn from incidents, improve processes, and implement preventive measures to mitigate the risk of future occurrences. Such systems often use video surveillance as a key component of incident monitoring. Incidement management includes the following steps: Identification Logging and documentation Notification and escalation Resolution and recovery Post-incident analysis Incident Reporting will have defined process, with reporting channels depending on classification of the incidents, detailed timelines and follow-up recommendations. The key functions required in an incident management reporting system include: An easy-to-use operator interface Real-time monitoring Integration with other systems Data analysis Compliance reporting Veracity's VIEWSCAPE integrated security management software platform provides these features, especially for a more video-centric security-based incident management system requirement."
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