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| Security concerns in the hospitality space are similar to those for any public space setting

| Video surveillance is key, but tends to be used forensically, due to the impracticality of live monitoring

| Veracity's COLDSTORE with embedded Nx Witness VMS is an ideal surveillance solution for such sites


NX Witness



"The hospitality industry encompasses a broad range of businesses that provide services to travellers, tourists, and customers seeking accommodation, dining, entertainment, and related experiences. This industry includes hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, clubs, event venues, cruise ships, and other similar establishments. Success in the hospitality industry requires the delivery of exceptional customer service and ensuring a positive guest experience. Key security concerns include: Guest Safety Theft and Burglary Vandalism and Property Damage Alcohol-Related Incidents Employee Safety Health and Sanitation Compliance Unauthorized Access and Trespassing Fraudulent Activities Car Park Security Video surveillance systems play a key role in hospitality sites, due to their direct relevance in deterrence, mitigation, prevention and prosecution. Most sites do not have dedicated control rooms and so generally operate video recording on a forensic basis, i.e. seeking video evidence after an incident has occurred. Due to the nature of hospitality sites being open to the public, and with few restricted areas, video analytics have few applications, aside from detection in emergency stairwells and similar, although people-counting can be useful for large function suites, for compliance purposes. Taking all of these points together, Nx Witness VMS embedded in COLDSTORE is an ideal, easy-to-use, reliable and long-lasting video surveillance system with low total cost of ownership."
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