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| Healthcare faces unique challenges for public safety and information security

| High quality video surveillance provides effective and essential enhancements to safety and security

| Video recording reduces threats to staff and provides documented evidence of compliance


NX Witness



"Hospitals and healthcare facilities face unique security concerns due to their critical role in public health and the sensitive nature of patient information. These concerns include: 1) Unauthorized Access 2) Patient Safety 3) Employee and Staff Safety 4) Theft and Vandalism 5) Liability and Legal Compliance Video surveillance systems can be applied to enhance safety and security in the healthcare vertical. They can act as a deterrence, help with investigations, monitor restricted areas, help protect staff and can assist in meeting regulatory requirements with documented evidence of compliance. Note that video surveillance should be implemented ethically and with respect for patient privacy. Written policies must govern camera usage, access, data retention, and privacy protection to ensure regulatory compliance. Veracity's wide range of video surveillance, storage and management systems have been proven to deliver the specified enhancements over many years."
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