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| Standard Ethernet over UTP network cabling such as CAT5e or CAT6 is limited to less than 100m

| OUTREACH devices can double network distance, acting as POE-powered repeaters

| LONGSPAN devices can extend network cable reach to 820m, with POE, maintaining 100Mbps speed




Ethernet Over Network Cable

"Ethernet over network cable, such as Cat 5e or Cat6 is the standard technology for IP networking systems, including POE delivery, which is now ubiquitous for powering IP cameras. However, for IP video surveillance, the standard distance limitations of ~100m (officially 90m) is a problem. Network and POE extenders such as OUTREACH can double connection distances to 200m. OUTREACH devices are effectively two-port, POE-powered, network switches with or without POE pass-through as required. OUTREACH models include externally-rated versions and gigabit-rated versions. Note that Veracity's CAMSWITCH Plus 4 devices are also POE-powered, and so can act as a network repeater in a similar way to OUTREACH but with up to four POE output ports. Both OUTREACH and CAMSWITCH can accept the maximum POE input available from the 802.3bt standard (73W delivered at the input). For longer distances, LONGSPAN long-distance network adaptors can deliver full 100Mbps connections to 820m on Cat 6 cable, simultaneously delivering up to 15W of POE. This distance is equvalent to the height of the Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest building in the world."
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