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| Ethernet over Coax allows the direct replacement of analogue cameras with IP cameras on the existing cable

| It provides full 100BaseTX speeds at distances of up to 1400m, depending on product and cable type

| The technology incorporates POE over Coax to provide up to 25W at the camera or device




Ethernet Over Coax

"Ethernet over Coax (EOC) is a technology that enables the transmission of high-speed Ethernet signals over existing coaxial cable infrastructure originally installed for analogue CCTV cameras. It was invented by Veracity in 2005 to enable System Integrators to replace analogue cameras with modern IP cameras, without having to incur the costs, time and disruption of re-cabling. Veracity deployed the first 100BaseTX Ethernet over Coax device, called HIGHWIRE, in 2006, for connecting IP cameras over legacy cabling. It has been the market leader in this technology ever since, deploying hundreds of thousands of HIGHWIRE channels in various forms across the world. The later addition of POE over Coax (POC) further enhanced the technology and allows the use of a single cable to provide data and power to the connected IP camera or device. HIGHWIRE devices are available in POE and non-POE, in single and multi-channel versions for both base and camera ends, including rackmount options. Accessories include high-power rackmount power supplies for providing POE to many cameras. Special "Longstar" long-distance versions of HIGHWIRE are also available which can provide 100BaseTX and POE to 1400m on RG6 cable."
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