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| Video surveillance and access control are the two most important security systems for education locations

| Multiple VMS types are common in educational organisations, making VIEWSCAPE integration ideal

| HIGHWIRE is designed to reduce the costs of upgrading to IP by retaining coax cabling


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"Securing educational establishments, including schools, colleges, and universities, is crucial to ensure the safety of students, staff, and sensitive educational data. Effective security involves physical security, cybersecurity, security policy, and training measures. Publicly accessible campuses require high quality video surveillance, alongside access control systems to protect restricted areas. Integration of both VMS and ACS is common, plus alarm systems for out-of-hours protection. Colleges and universities tend to have larger campuses and are more likely to have their own monitored control room, complete with operator stations and video walls. Very few schools are large enough to have their own security control rooms, so these and other smaller educational establishments may employ remote monitoring services. However, groups of schools and larger university campuses often have a common problem: They may have multiple different types of video management system for historical, budgetary or practical reasons. In all cases, Veracity's VIEWSCAPE software platform is ideal for integration of VMS and ACS; for integration of multiple VMS types; and for video and alarm monitoring at a local or remote monitoring station or control room. Due to budgetary constraints, many locations still operate analogue cameras and can benefit from the use of HIGHWIRE Ethernet over coax adaptors to upgrade to IP cameras with expensive re-cabling."
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