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| Distributed displays are useful for surveillance, security and signage applications

| Display controllers which can combine IP video display with signage are most useful

| Multiple visual sources can be displayed, including video, graphics and emergency signage




Distributed Video Display

“Distributed video display systems play a crucial role in various applications, including video surveillance, security, and digital signage. These systems involve the distribution of video or signage content across multiple displays in different locations, allowing for convenient monitoring, advertising or information communication, and emergency signage. Distributed displays are extremely useful for security monitoring, where auxiliary displays of multiple security cameras could be used on a reception desk, a security manager’s office or a goods entrance for example. Even in large CCTV control rooms, additional spot monitors or auxiliary displays can be used by operators or the control room manager. The key to all of these applications is having a compact networked video display controller system, suitably scaled for driving a single monitor, yet powerful enough to decode multiple high-resolution video streams in a matrix format if required. In digital signage applications, distributed video display systems are used to deliver information, advertisements, announcements, and other content to a targeted audience. For organisations with multiple sites or campuses, a distributed system can consolidate surveillance feeds from different locations onto a single display for specific monitoring of a factory floor for example, or out-of-office-hours remote monitoring, or display of entrances and exits at a security desk.”
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