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| Signage for advertising- messaging- public safety and emergency alerts

| Combined signage and IP video especially useful in multiple applications

| Distributed and centralised systems available




Digital Signage

"Digital signage systems have a wide range of applications across various industries. Applications include: Advertising: Allows businesses to showcase their products, services and special offers in a visually engaging and dynamic manner. Internal Messaging: Display important announcements, company news, metrics, safety reminders to keep employees informed and engaged. Menu Boards: Commonly used in the food service industry, they allow for easy updating of menus and promotions. Public Safety and Emergency Alerts: Plays a vital role in emergency communication and public safety, displaying alerts and evacuation procedures. Entertainment: Large screens in entertainment venues, such as stadiums, theaters and arenas display live event data. Transport Information: Deployed in transportation hubs, including airports and stations, to provide timetable and status information. VIEWSPAN systems combine all types of digital signage with IP video display for maximum flexibility and performance. These systems may be centralised (rack-mounted systems with multiple display outputs) or distributed (single display-output devices mounted on or close to each display monitor)."
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