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| Cybersecurity of physical security systems is often overlooked, compared to IT cybersecurity

| Truly cybersecure video systems must be intrinsically designed to be so

| Careful consideration must be given to the integration of third-party systems




Cybersecure Video Surveillance

"Cybersecurity is critical for video surveillance systems, as they are connected to other networks and the internet, making them vulnerable to cyber threats. Ensuring their security is essential to prevent unauthorised access, loss of sensitive data, and disruption of operations. Much attention is paid to corporate IT cybersecurity, but the increased cyber attack surface and cyber-vulnerability of poorly-designed physical security systems such as access control, IP video cameras, NVRs, intercoms and IoT sensors etc., are often overlooked. Key points include: 1) Encryption: Data in transit and at rest must be encrypted. 2) Cybersecure Design: Recording and interface devices (especially remote sites) should connect out to their designated control room only. 3) Network Segmentation: Properly segmenting networks can help contain potential breaches. 4) Strong Authentication: Use strong and unique usernames and passwords for all devices. 5) Regular Updates: All firmware in cameras, recorders. etc. should be kept up to date. 7) Physical Access: Equipment access should be restricted to authorized personnel only. 8) Vendor Security: Select a vendor with a strong commitment to cybersecurity, such as CAPSS accreditation. Veracity's VIEWSCAPE and LINKLOCK product ranges have been specifically developed for these applications"
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