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| Control Rooms are employed in multiple types of application

| The key aim is to provide situational awareness for operators who montior and respond to incidents

| Veracity has several product ranges which are specially designed for Control Room applications.




Control Rooms

"Control rooms serve as centralized hubs where various operations, processes, and systems are monitored, managed, and coordinated. These facilities are pivotal across multiple industries, including security, transportation, utilities, emergency services, and manufacturing process control. Key functions include: Monitoring and Surveillance Response Coordination Decision Making Communication Hub Process Optimization Resource Management Data Analysis and Reporting Situational Awareness Almost all control rooms have multiple manned operator workstations, while many also have video walls for viewing multiple channels of video or graphical data. Security control room, in particular, may have multiple video walls if it is monitoring a large number of cameras. Control room management systems typically integrate multiple different sub-systems, such as video, access control, intercom, alarm monitoring, and emergency response communication systems. VIEWSCAPE systems can provide the integrated management platform, with centralised video recording on COLDSTORE for example, with VIEWSPANs controlling the video wall displays and VIEWCAST enabling the mirroring of any operator screen onto the video wall (or for recording for audit trail purposes). TIMENET devices can keep all systems in time-sync, including all third-party systems."
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