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| Workstations, video walls, and communications tools are essential components

| Surveillance recording systems may be centralised or distributed

| Use of cybersecure equipment and software is essential to protect sensitive data




CCTV Control Rooms

A CCTV control room is a centralised location where operators monitor surveillance cameras and security systems in real-time. They are designed to optimise efficiency, ensure security, and facilitate effective decision-making. Key components are: 1) Monitoring Stations: Operator workstations with multiple monitors are essential. 2) Surveillance Cameras: These cover a specific area (e.g. campus, corporate HQ, town centre, factory etc.). 3) Video Wall: Most control rooms will have one or more video walls to allow a comprehensive overview of video feeds. 4) Recording and Storage: Some control rooms have centralised recording. Others are linked to remote recorders, distributed across the surveillance area. Most are a hybrid of both. 5) Alarms: See Alarm Monitoring application 7) Communications: Operators may need to speak to on-site personnel and to emergency services. 8) Cybersecurity Measures: Robust cybersecurity measures are crucial to prevent unauthorized access to cameras, recordings and other control room systems to protect sensitive data. Veracity's VIEWSCAPE integrated security management software, COLDSTORE recording and storage systems, VIEWSPAN video wall controllers and cyber-secure LINKLOCK systems can all be applied to this type of application, with TIMENET ensuring accurate time-stamping on all parts of the system, including cameras. For more information on security system integration, see the 'Integrated Security Management' application.
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