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| Building management systems (BMS) should include surveillance capabilities for security purposes

| BMS cover all systems which ensure the correct functioning of a modern building

| Although most commonly separate systems, they can be integerated with the VIEWSCAPE system




Building Management

"Building management requires multiple types of control and security systems to ensure the correct functioning of a building, the safety and security of occupants and assets. Relevant areas include: 1) Video surveillance systems use cameras to monitor and record activities in and around a building. 2) Network connection, powering and installation of IP cameras. 3) Integration of Access Control; Intrusion Detection; Alarms; Fire and Smoke Detection; Lighting; HVAC; Key Management; Visitor Management; Intercom; Elevator Control; Energy Management; IoT Sensors and devices. Some or all of these can be integrated, to varying degrees, into an Integrated Security Management Systems for centralised Command & Control."
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