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| Replace analog cameras very easily by keeping the original cabling

| Provide power (POE) to the camera over the same legacy coax

| Connect multiple IP cameras over one coax for system expansion




Analogue Camera Replacement

Analogue cameras are traditionally connected via coaxial cabling, which is good for signal distance but presents a problem when replacing them with IP cameras. Veracity developed the HIGHWIRE range of Ethernet and POE over coax adaptors to solve this specific problem, in a very fast, easy and convenient way. Many older analog cameras have been replaced, but many have yet to be. Before IP cameras came to completely dominate the market as they do today, a lot of new coax cabling was installed for analog HD cameras. Analog HD technology was quickly surpassed by IP technology as image resolutions increased, prices decreased and IP camera compatibility issues were solved. Veracity's introduction of the HIGHWIRE Ethernet-over-Coax innovation plays a large part in removing the barriers to IP camera adoption and allows multiple cameras to be connected over a single coax for cost-efefctive system expansion for increased security. Veracity's EOC range includes HIGHWIRE Longstar, specially developed for the very long coax cables runs found in rail, metro and tunnel applications.
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