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| Alarm Monitoring is enhanced by video verification to exclude false alarms

| Incident Management & Reporting capabilities are essential system features

| Integration of video- intercom- and remote access control enhance any system




Alarm Monitoring

Alarm monitoring is the process of overseeing and responding to alarm events generated by security systems, such as intrusion detection systems, fire alarms, or video surveillance. Monitoring is typically conducted by monitoring centres or security personnel who are trained to handle and respond to various types of alarms. Key steps of alarm monitoring include: Alarm Reception Alarm Verification Communication Dispatch and Incident Management Logging and Reporting Upon receiving an alarm signal, monitoring personnel verify the authenticity of the alarm event. Video verification is one of the best ways to determine whether an alarm is false or not. Two-way communication enables monitoring personnel to communicate directly with individuals either on or dispatched to site. VIEWSCAPE enables integration of alarm receiving, video verification, mapping, communication, incident management and response, along with logging and reporting of events. Such logs are used for post-incident analysis, compliance reporting, and future system enhancements. VIEWSPAN systems can drive video walls in control rooms, allowing more than just the operators to view incidents and site status. TIMENET NTP time servers play an important role in ensuring all systems are continuously and accurately set to the same time.
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