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| Video surveillance plays an important role in securing aerospace sites

| Large aerospace sites require IP camera connectivity at long distances

| Mulitple types of security will be deployed, requiring integrated security management systems





"We define the Aerospace industry as all non-airport-related aerospace activities, such as development, manufacturing, testing and operations. (Airports are a separate category). Video surveillance plays an important role in enhancing security and operational efficiency within the aerospace industry, providing comprehensive monitoring of critical areas. They contribute to perimeter security, helping prevent unauthorized access to sensitive areas. In manufacturing and maintenance contexts, video surveillance assists in quality control, tracking assembly processes, and ensuring compliance with safety protocols. By enabling real-time monitoring, incident response, and data analysis, video surveillance enhances safety measures and contributes to the smooth functioning of various aerospace operations. Aerospace facilities are typically on large sites, so provision of network connectivity and power at distance for IP camera installations are essential."
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