Video Surveillance Storage Systems


Veracity has developed a range of storage systems designed specifically for IP video surveillance.  The surveillance storage systems are aimed particularly at storage of mega-pixel video and long-archive time applications.

Our unique, sequential filing system (SFS) was developed specifically for the COLDSTORE Surveillance Storage System and delivers significant benefits. Combine this with COLDSTORE's Linear Array of Idle Disks (LAID) COLDSTORE provides extremely high disk reliability, high capacity and reduced disk costs with a 90% power saving versus RAID. Our logical approach is fundamentally different from the average storage systems available on the market.

Simple to operate, user friendly, easy to maintain with removable, playable disks. Fast access to evidence. Surveillance Storage designed specifically for long retention requirements.

COLDSTORE - IP Video Surveillance Storage System

COLDSTORE 3U | Unique NAS Storage Array

Massive 210TB of video storage, uses only 60 watts

COLDSTORE 3U is a highly reliable, high capacity system. Our Linear Array of Idle Disks (LAID™) system combined with our unique Sequential Filing System™ (SFS) is a powerful system. Massive capacity video storage, low total cost of ownership. ... read more

COLDSTORE COMPACT - IP Video Surveillance Storage System

COLDSTORE Compact 8-Bay, 2.5" Storage System

40TB of video storage, using only 16 watts !

Our sequential writing pattern SFS and unique disk filing system writes to hard disks sequentially in one smooth continuous stream. So there's virtually no vibration on disks and almost no heat. ... read more

TRINITY Direct to Storage from IP Cameras

The unique TRINITY system architecture eliminates NVR servers,
using IP cameras recording direct to Veracity’s COLDSTORE sequential
recording system.... read more