IP Video Camera and DVR Integration


Veracity's network video integration range takes the pain out of installing IP surveillance systems.

TIMENET is an essential component of any DVR or NVR installation, as it delivers an atomic reference clock to synchronise recornings to, in a unique compact and low-cost package.

CAMSWITCH PLUS is a range of compact POE switches designed for IP cameras with universal power input. CAMSWITCH MOBILE is a range of low-voltage POE switches which convert 12 or 24V DC power to 4 or 8 ports of 802.3af/at POE.

Delivering reliable POE power to IP cameras is easy with CAMSWITCH, even if only a low-voltage supply is available.


CAMSWITCH Plus - POE switch for IP video

CAMSWITCH 4 PLUS and CAMSWITCH 8 PLUS 802.3at POE Network Switch

CAMSWITCH Plus ultra-compact POE switches feature 4 or 8 ports with 802.3af/at POE outputs, and a further 1 or 2 ports for downlink connections.

They can be POE-powered for remote placement, or use a local power supply for maximum power availability.... read more

TIMENET - NTP master reference clock

TIMENET Master NTP Reference Clock for Ethernet Networks

An accurate time reference is essential for evidential use of DVR or NVR recordings. TIMENET is a simple and compact unit that receives an atomic reference clock via GPS, and broadcasts it to other devices on the network, using the universal NTP protocol.... read more