Ethernet over Coax


Veracity's HIGHWIRE Ethernet over coax technology enables you to replace analog video surveillance installations with digital IP cameras effortlessly.

HIGHWIRE transforms up to 1000 feet (300 metres) of regular RG-59 coaxial cable into a full-bandwidth LAN connection, eliminating the time, expense and risk of laying new Cat 5 network cable.

Designed especially for IP video installers, HIGHWIRE-enabled devices are compact and wall-mountable.  Automatic configuration and universal power input makes installation simple, and Power over Ethernet (POE) power is available for instant connection to IP and Megapixel cameras.

HIGHWIRE - Ethernet over Coax converter

HIGHWIRE High-Speed Ethernet Over Coax Video Cable

With HIGHWIRE you can install IP Network Cameras onto existing coaxial video infrastructure, saving the time and expense of laying new cable.

HIGHWIRE delivers an unrestricted network connection over up to 500 metres of coax.... read more

HIGHWIRE PowerStar - Ethernet and POE over Coax

HIGHWIRE POWERSTAR  Fast Ethernet and POE Power Over Coax

HIGHWIRE PowerStar adds the convenience of POE over Coax technology and the reassurance of SafeView monitoring to Veracity's industry-leading HIGHWIRE Ethernet over Coax product range... read more

HIGHWIRE POE - Ethernet over Coax with POE out

HIGHWIRE POE Coax to Ethernet with Universal POE

HIGHWIRE POE takes Veracity's Ethernet over coax technology and adds Power over Ethernet to its network port.

It converts 12VDC or 24VAC supplies into a universal, reliable POE source for IP cameras... read more

HIGHWIRE Quad - Ethernet over Coax for up to four IP cameras

HIGHWIRE QUAD Ethernet Over Coax Cable for Four POE IP Cameras

HIGHWIRE QUAD is all you need to connect up to four POE IP cameras to installed analog video cable and legacy 12V or 24V power supplies.

Network switching with POE output and HIGHWIRE conversion are integrated into a robust, compact unit.... read more