POE-Powered Switch | Replaced by CAMSWITCH 4 PLUS

OUTREACH QUAD LITE POE Powered Network Switch

POE-powered network switch

OUTREACH Quad Lite has been Replaced by CAMSWITCH 4 Plus. OUTREACH Quad Lite lets you add Ethernet ports and extend network range to multiple devices easily. Because it receives its electrical power supply over a network cable using Power over Ethernet technology, OUTREACH Quad Lite is not tethered to an electrical outlet, and can be located wherever it is needed most.


Expand your network

OUTREACH QUAD LITE is an edge switch that can be fitted wherever extra network connections are required.  Because it is POE-powered, installation is rapid, and power delivery is reliable.

Distributing the network in this way can simplify cabling without adding the cost and uncertainty of distributing power to nodes separately.

Extend range

Each of OUTREACH QUAD LITE's 10/100 Ethernet ports can connect to other network devices over 100 metres (328 feet) of Cat 5 or similar cable, so network range is doubled.  And by using Veracity's OUTREACH network extender, the cable run out to the OUTREACH QUAD LITE can be extended even further.

Designed for installers

OUTREACH QUAD LITE is compact, tough, wall-mountable and requires no user configuration.  POE input is established automatically and safely, and each network port is entirely self-configuring for speed, duplex, and crossover.

Veracity's OUTREACH QUAD LITE PoE-powered switch enables a single Ethernet connection to be distributed to up to four network ports


5-port unmanaged 10/100 Ethernet switch, VLAN packet support
Auto-negotiation of speed and duplex
Use with Cat 5, Cat 5e or Cat 6 patch or crossover cables

POE in:

IEEE 802.3af Class 2 device
Device power 3 watts typical


82 x 82 x 21 mm ( 3.23 x 3.23 x 0.83" )
110 x 85 x 21 mm ( 4.33 x 3.35 x 0.83" ) inc. screws and tabs
Weight 225g ( 7.6 oz )

New installations
Designing OUTREACH QUAD LITE into the structure of a network allows many connections to branch out from a single port with safe, centralised power: for example, OUTREACH QUAD can deliver power to up to four OUTREACH QUAD LITEs, meaning a single network switch connection could branch out to 16 network devices up to 300 metres away!

Existing installations
Simply connecting an OUTREACH QUAD LITE to a POE-enabled network outlet provides four 10/100 network connections for new devices instantly.  For networks which do not have POE, combining OUTREACH QUAD LITE with Veracity's OUTSOURCE POE injector provides a simple solution for multiplying Ethernet ports distant from a power supply.

VOR-ORQL OUTREACH QUAD LITE POE-powered Ethernet switch
VOR-OS OUTSOURCE Enhanced 802.3af POE injector