Veracity News

  • COLDSTORE 3U | Unique NAS Storage Array

    COLDSTORE - IP Video Surveillance Storage System

    Massive 120TB of video storage, uses only 60 watts

    COLDSTORE 3U is a highly reliable, high capacity system. Our Linear Array of Idle Disks (LAID™) system combined with our unique Sequential Filing System™ (SFS) is a powerful system. Massive capacity video storage, low total cost of ownership.  read more

  • COLDSTORE Compact 8-Bay, 2.5" Storage System

    COLDSTORE COMPACT - Surveillance Storage System

    16TB of video storage, using only 16 watts !

    Our sequential writing pattern SFS and unique disk filing system writes to hard disks sequentially in one smooth continuous stream. So there's virtually no vibration on disks and almost no heat. No data loss on disk failure, and no rebuild required.  read more

  • DISKPLAY surveillance hard disk player for COLDSTORE

    DISKPLAY – COLDSTORE Disk Player System

    Our DISKPLAY disk player system allows direct playback of extracted COLDSTORE 3U disks on a PC.

    This simple disk docking station uses a standard USB connection, and all disks include pre-loaded player software  read more