VIEWSCAPE Integrated Security Application Programme


Find out more about VIEWSCAPE on the VIEWSCAPE Website. You can read case studies and find out how to increase your surveillance capabilities by automated and integrated technologies.



VIEWSCAPE offers a modular approach to integrated security systems. Multiple security applications and systems may be integrated into a full Command & Control system offering full situational awareness with video surveillance, alarm receiving and incident management. Choose modules to customise VIEWSCAPE for your specific application.

System Architecture Highly scalable Client-Server system with multiple operator workstation clients and single or multiple server systems.

Workstation Client Single, dual or triple-monitor screen layouts, call-monitor option configurable video matrix layouts.

Command & Control Modular, scalable, integrated command and control software platform for operation of security control rooms, monitoring and control of local and remote building, fire, access, video, intercom and security systems.

Access Rights Multi-level, hierarchical user levels with customisable limitations or access.

Alarm Receiving Uniform presentation & logging of alarms from multiple sources. Automated telephony.

Incident Management Two or more operators may work on one incident.

Security System Integration Includes CCTV, LPR (ANPR), Video Analytics, Access Control, Building Management Systems, Intercom, Point-of-Sale, Intruder Alarm, Perimeter Intrusion Detection, Panic Alarms and Fire Alarms.

DVR/NVR Integration Search and retrieval of video footage from many different DVR and NVR manufacturers.

Virtual Matrix Optional support for legacy analogue video matrix systems, mixed with general IP video stream support, including HD and UltraHD.

Dynamic Mapping Zoomable mapping, with GPS coordinates, selection of mapped cameras and other devices, full drag-and-drop functions, tracking of mobile assets.

Video/Media Wall Fully configurable video wall system with option to display both live and playback video streams alongside media streams from multiple sources.

Hardware Independence System is hardware independent with support of many different security system equipment types and is not locked to any specific vendors or manufacturers.

Dispatch Control Two-way communication with mobile resources with GPS positioning and mapping.

Guard Tour Tracking of tag status at defined intervals. Automatic alarm generation on missed schedule, with exceptions reporting, frequency analysis and checkpoint timings.

Lone Worker

Integration with multiple Panic Alarm technologies and GPS positioning systems.

Management Reporting Report production including KPI measurements for incident reporting, system maintenance and fault logging.

Audit Trail Control of all incoming and outgoing command functions, with integrated reporting.